Poem -

Ruins Of Her Temple

Ruins Of Her Temple

My body is a temple.
I always told myself i would keep my body for someone special, someone i love,
how i would only let one person see my walls and and open my doors,
I thought i found that person,
so i allowed them in and little did i know that they would end up tearing me down,
they brung down my ceiling and i crumbled to the ground.
I had my temple treasures stolen from me... like my self esteem, 
and pieces of my heart.
That person left my temple looking ugly.

Rubble remained in the place where my temple once stood tall and proud.
I thought i could never stand tall and proud again after having my heart and my mind absolutely destroyed by one person i actually allowed in.

And It wasnt just once,
It was time,
After time,
After time after god damn time.
They kept coming back and kicking my ruins around and stealing any remaining valuable that met his eyes.
After a while they disappeared like they had never even existed .
After a while somebody came along and saw my ruins. 
He didnt think i was ugly at all.
He would spend time at the ruins of my temple and started to clean away the destruction and rebuild some of the walls that he could see had collapsed.
He found treasures that lied underneath all the wreckage. 
He discovered things that not everyone gets the privilege of knowing. 

He was kind and gentle,
My walls were smooth and delicately he would trace his fingers over the cracks that he had put back together. 
He showed me that someone will come along even if you are a mess,
Someone will see the goodness that lies beneath...
like underneath the ruins of her temple.

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