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Salvation Devotion

Salvation Devotion

I give you my all
You have no doubt
I saved them all
No sympathy for them
Cruelty never felt so divine
You have to be cruel to be kind
When will I get a break
Been helping out along the way
Did the cauldron boil over
Did it spill out over the floor
I smell the stench of ferment
Is it your own blend of brew

Take off a few layers of pity
Save it for the shrink
Why you crying wolf
I’m only human
Hello, I am quantum
I'm considered alien
I've been outside the atmosphere
I'd hate to see you go
I’d hate to see you cry
Still you can heal

Weep for a release
It’s good for you
It's good for inner peace
Laughter and tears
I chuckle to myself now
Look back and laugh
And you have won
Where did you learn to fly
Are you trying to rise above
When the world walks with you
Across the river over the bridge
Over rapid waters
beating against rock
Traveling afar to a beautiful place

A place where inner peace is found
Right here on the ground
It’s a war up there on cloud nine
A great escape but everyone fights to get there
Everyone wants to be alone with her
Alone with her on a white sandy beach
Let her sleep she needs her beauty rest
The sun won't burn her away

Yet she’s crumbling in her barriers
Not sure if she is strong enough
Not sure if she is brave enough
There she sleeps in the sand
Untouched by the sea

Yet tanned
She wants the beach to herself
To herself let her have it
Nudity isn’t sex,
skin is just flesh
The eyes are the window to the soul
She is a soul… sure sex feels good
We get it when it comes than it goes

But the soul is forever like a diamond
Forever when the eyes see crystal clear
When we're not shrouded by childish fear
My immortal beloved one swim in the sea
Will she ever dance with me

I can make you a Goddess
Adored and loved by the world
Untouchable and tainted In a picture we've painted
Stay pure at heart I will never take your shine
You are like a fine blend of wine
Not to bitter, not to sweet
Just the right attitude and beat Right in rhythm with the tide
Its divine timing any time
Any time it feels right
We have to live in the moment
Any time from this point on
I’m not wasting my time
Saving grace one day at a time
Maybe I need a break
I need a vacation
I work 24/7 even in my sleep
In my own sanctuary I live in peace
It can be down by the river
Or on my sofa with music loud
Silence is golden but barely sets my mind at ease
I wonder what their thinking out loud
We all have to meet, come and go as you please
Trust me in my presence you won't want to leave
I need encouraging friends not those who belittle me
I don’t care what they say anymore

I care what she has to say when she opens the door
She let’s me see clear…
builds me strong
Tells me when I’m right…
Tells me when I’m wrong
We’re both the same dream… Both the same old song
Time to love someone new… yes I choose to love you   

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