Poem -

Scarred Soul

Scarred Soul

The mystical Brahmin man
took me by my heathen hand
to walk toward the ancient temple
over a field of red glowing embers

I expressed natural trepidation
about a potential ouch situation
to the amused guru
who assured me pain was all in the head

Such a good salesman was he

This bearded minister of sincerity

So I took that leap of faith
over the coals glowing
full well knowing
skin is not flame resistant

Skipping and dancing
over the scorched Earth
like a hopscotch champion
I navigated the challenge
and conquered my fears
to the glorious acclaim
of the amazed congregation
and a pack of tourists
who posted my feat online

Speaking of feet.....

The chronic pain
of my permanently charred soles
serve as a constant reminder
that basic science always has it's place
on the spectrum of consideration
in the future affairs of man

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