Poem -

Sea of Green

Sea of Green

The wind it reaches to the sky,
Swallows clouds who pass it by, 
And as it whips my hair awry,
I scream to ask it, “why? Oh why?”

A light rain splashes to the sea,
A common sight for a girl like me. 

But in it whispers spots of green,
The only colour I have seen,
For my world is only shades of gray,
As I cannot send the clouds away.

Stories of the colours are told,
As welcome respite when days are cold.
But we rarely believe what we can’t see,
And all we have are shades of three;

The dark and starless night of black,
A shade only seen where others lack.

Cotton, wax and string of white,
The shade that bursts a blinding light.

The sky, the sea, all come in grey,
The shade that colours every day.

But here atop a rock I stand,
On a beach of pebbles, shells and sand,
And in the sea there can be seen,
A seaweed of the colour green.

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Jill Tait

Brilliantly penned my friend xx