Poem -

She Touched My Life

Days that never will be again for I've had my time and must accept It being
But what I do know for shaw better to have loved and lost than have never loved at
My days with Helen I feel so blessed and privileged to have shared twenty wonderful year's with her 
It Is down to heaven to look after her now I've had my  time with her and  I'm so grateful she touched my life 


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Tony Taylor

Hello Sir WALKER!!...... That quote by Tennyson is one of those that seems to have pierced every age, sex, culture, and stubborn headed fool to have ever turned a page.....I LOVE how you've woven into the tone and intent of this most compelling piece...... The very opening line, for me, sets the ball high above the net and is, most definitely, the line that stands alone!! (in my humble opinion)....

         ~ "Days that never will be again
             for I have had my time....."

Powerful stuff!!...... Your Love is overwhelming dear poet brother!!.......ALL STARS!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo : )

Johnny Walker

Hi Tony thank you so much for your kind comments on my poem
really appreciated I've been away form the site for quite a while but I'm glad to say I'm  back now I met a wonderful friend on here and we've become such great
friends as they say  friends till we both go home I think you will know her Terry Kay lovely lady anyway I know you suffer from pain as I do I have osteoatihtis but Terry said I should try CBD oil 
I just put a drop under my tongue a couple of time a day morning and before going to bed and stops so much of my pain but so Importantly It's given me so much of my mobility back that had been taken away because of pain anyway give It a try my friend It works for me I actually two night ago forgit to take It woke In terrible pain took my usual drop 
and within minutes I was mobile again virtually pain free anyway you have nothing to lose by trying It good luck Tony kind regards Johnny