Poem -

Woman's Voice

Woman's Voice

She's a woman nobody cares
She's a woman nobody hears
She's a woman nobody knows
that life has dealt her some dreadful blows.

She's different from the rest
She has tried her best; yearning to be blessed 
She does not crave for lust, fame and greed
She does not serve the senseless creed.

Fueled by society's rejection 
and guards her life in any direction 
Her life doesn't conform
the elevated platform. 

She's more than she seems
Valour enshrouds in muffled screams 
A woman like me, like you
Know the world is deranged 
that everything has changed, but she offers a simple phrase:
She'll put an end to this troubled maze.

She's a woman more than you know
that makes a wish upon befallen glow
Don't judge her by what you hear
Don't fill the void because you were not there.

She's a woman more than her pain
Amidst the dreams of years that were
She finds her life back again.

She's a woman more than her dreams
that mould the wondrous different themes
The thoughts in her mind allow her to breath
Release her from surging verge of death.

She fights to stay alive
She learns to cope with tripe and jive. 

She's a woman nobody knows
She loves living the life she chose
She's a woman nobody hears
When words fall on deaf ears.

She's a woman more than her rage
Left with alleviated tolls to wage
She's a woman nobody listens to
But for the many things, God will put her through.....

Leah Cabael Yodico 

Poem in progress 


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Richard Waters

MAGNIFICENT WORK. Of such passion and poise. How much detail you give. So, readily. The mind is transfixed by intensity of purpose.....and belonging, to the " breed " of communications through emotion, and, response. Wonderful material. To be " deliberated " over, time and time again.
YOU, KNOW PLACE. YOU, KNOW PROGRESSION WITHIN SPACE. Who, can deny this, and all it offers, from the " heart " and SOUL ?
I believe, in the words of pure composure, delivered with graceful appreciation of " persona " and practical connections.....with our " habitat " !!!
Once again. I compliment you, on an achievement.
X :)

Leah Cabael Yodico

Thank you sir Richard Waters. I'm still struggling in choosing the right title and picture lol.
It's my bd gift for myself; I'll turn 3 scores and three fulfilled years tomorrow.  
I really appreciate your comments. 


Richard Waters

You, have to make the most of what you have and hold dear. Life, teaches you to see the " best ", to keep " inner demons " at bay !!
the " way " which suits, you. Most, poignantly or appropriately. :)
Take care. X

Greg Etsell

wonderful poem
if this poem is about
you I say you are a wonderful
lady bless you

Leah Cabael Yodico

Hi Greg, 
yes ! It's about me and other women out there who can relate. I maybe wonderful  but not perfect. I set my own standards. 
thanks for dropping by.
I'll go back later to read other poems. 


Cherie Leigh

HI Leah...I LOVE this poem!  I love the beautiful picture of you!  I see such a strong woman, who has been through so much in life, yet you leave a powerful mark with your beautiful presence.  We all have our struggles in life, and do not deserve to be judged for  our paths we have taken.  This is such a powerful message!  I am so happy to see you on here!  You are such an inspiration.  Much love n hugs, Cherie ;)

Leah Cabael Yodico

Thanks Cherie for dropping by.
sorry for the late reply.


Terry Kay

Leah,  What a wonderful poem. Loved it!  Terry Kay