Poem -

Sick Another Night

Another night of numbing my cells.
Numbing the feeling of what it’s like to be real.

Another night of masking the pain.
Masking my identity of the life I’ve made.

I’m sick of always trying to be strong.
Trying to be strong when the fact is I’m not.

I’m sick of always ever just being myself.
Being myself for people when it’s never enough.

I give up trying to be what I am. 
Be what I am and always be the who to blame.

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Being Me

Awww...I think you are being very hard on yourself. The person who you are should always be enough and if you feel it is not then perhaps the fault lies with those around you and not yourself.   Hugs x

Tiana Devlin-Sailor

Thanks for the concern. I wrote this piece in the moment of how the position/situation I was in made me feel. 

Just a quick release for negative energy. 

Despite the negativity I still hope this piece is enjoyable to you or other.