Poem -

Simply Zoe

We are earthen,
each layer of me
We are organic
in the rings of a tree
We are spirit;
one word says it all!

Wrapped am I in
silken thread
made from wine:
distilled ruminations,
seasoned with thyme
Aeons form pages
in our mind

Those sacred scriptures
you will find--

if you look below
the lichen and fern and

behind temple's Persians
beneath barnacled crust
to the centre of turning
between silver moon dust
within aqua steeple-rust
There... seven fires burn:
flames of love
for every dimension
of that seed in our heart,
which sages call heaven
Its roots dive deep
into chaos' soil
Red man that I am,
impassioned toil
We cultivate glory
in hope and trust
a righteousness
that tsunamies lust
It is a violent story of
of service and worship
fueled by the knowledge
we don't deserve it
Grace filled winds
have carried us forward
Above and beyond
our rotting carcasses;
redeeming pearls;
gathering gems
to sew into the Master's hem
Dipped in the vats
of the Dyer,
our twisting sinews
weave majestically higher:
DNA daisy chains
larger than stars
bedeck His robe
like blooms in a vase
We do not judge
with eyes of the skin,
nor evaluate
by where we've been
Our life is measured
by His words
that slice precise
as two-edged swords
We are sons and daughters
being carried ever onward
bound eternally homeward
by Living Waters


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Al...I love the message and the ending lines....Those living waters being the ultimate goal in life for sure...Amen. xo ;)