Poem -

Social Media Man

Social Media Man

Just an over-educated bluegrass punk
Getting high on urbanised skunk
Gaultier suits by the score
Optimises this decadent whore.

Philosophising about modern art
Dadaism, creationism, where did it start ?
You are the police of the police
Longfellow, Shelley, Byron, Keats.

Indifferent to world affairs
Indifferent to other people's cares
Just a contemporary Don Juan
With fake appeal and faker tan.

You imagine their sympathetic view
Coinciding with your imaginary you
Exalted ego in expensive Chanel
A fancy dress for a personality hell.

30,000 of your Facebook friends
Gives a popularity pretense
Look in the mirror and what do you see
A social media obsessed catastrophe.

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Gerard McGowan

Not to fear, for I am the dreamweaver. 

Great poetry Allen. 

Barry Childs

Really like this Allen. very difficult format to get right, but you did. Good subject matter as well. Hope you come second! Well done. Barry

Charu Shawd

What an idea to write on.
and how beautifully you have captured it Allen 
much love xx