Poem -

Someone (selfie)

Someone (selfie)

So many of us bring much to the table,
But it isn't enough,
No ones showing any interest,
We've over estimated and were incompatible,
we've tried so hard being something were not.
Look where we've been,
What we've done and seen,
Were educated and earn a good wage,
We speak many languages,
Were qualified and are much travelled,
were buying and selling in a false search,
We give a false account of ourselves that fails to impress.
Choose us,
Were clever and attractive and want only the best,
because we think that's what we deserve,
And some insincere identity are after something else,
We aren't all genuine profiles,
We aren't all genuine and we wont match up,
But we will go far and wide,
We will go anywhere because were are the unloved.
were pages of photographs lined up in a gallery,Β 
We're pages of photographsΒ  peering out and pleading,
We're desperados all desolate and detached,
every kind of us is out there and are incomplete,
Behind a forced smile,
We'd do anything for you,
behind a sentimental selfie,Β 
We'd do anything for someone.

A Thearta Production*

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A Lonely Journey

Frantic One,Β 
What a gorgeous, powerful piece of writing. Stunningly beautiful. We are so lost in this world(most of us), and looking for reasons. Really loved that. Really made me think.Β 


Cherie Leigh

Hi Frantic,.....I think we all suffer from an identity crisis of some sort....feeling we have to live for the expectations of the world to accept us...and isn't that sad?Β  We all have such individual talents that need to be appreciated and that is what makes us unique....I feel how lost this person feels....I can relate.Β  xo ;)


thanks Cherie yes I'm guilty of,sometimes looking to others for validation when that's where the inspiration comes from,to a certain extent I'm talking about me!.