Poem -

Sorry seems to be the only word....

I'm sorry in the words I chose today,
I'm sorry for being the cause that's making you unhappy.
I'm sorry,
As that's the only thing I can say. 
I just want you to know though,
I love you at the end of the day.
It doesnt matter,
What others write and say,
As it's you that's got me,
No one else,
I like it when you smile,
Not a tear in your eye,
Unless it's from laughing,
Not a sad cry.
It makes me feel awful,
That you are this upset,
I wish we didn't argue,
As my words in those times,
I never mean it.
I love you babe,
Each bit,
by bit,
 by little bit.
Once again I'm sorry and I love you.
I'm sorry I made you feel shit xxxx 

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Marion Price

Aw...how could I not respond to this...I hope she/he forgives you...🌹

james bevan

thank you and we have thank you. My words helped so all good x

Barry Childs

I hope you didn't write this to score points with her, James. No, all joking aside, this is heartfelt poetry at the top level. Stay safe dear friend.  Barry x