Poem -

Spirit inspired poem By Ceniqua LaGrone "A Love Note to my Sister"

Love note from your secret admirer:
I love you so much dear. You are the twinkle of my eye. When I see you, I know that I'm not alone. You are so brave and that's what makes us attract. I admire your courage. You bring the truth out of me with your purity of heart. God is love. Love is the foundation of your beauty. It takes an amazing person 2 activate your beauty because they would have to level up to your foundation. You are everything that they say you're not. This is why they try so hard 2 assassinate you. You are worth the fight. You are worth the wait. You are everything you know you are. Take your own advice. Don't listen 2 the voice of your adversary. Your adversary does not have your best interest at heart. Open your eyes. Even he can see that you are even more than you can imagine.

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