Poem -

Spring Magic

The little beck upon the mountain,
Is as a small child exploring the smooth stones of the stream.
Bubbling with excitement,
Gurgling and laughing,
As the darting fish tickle its skin.

The Sun’s rays penetrate the surface,
Making mini rainbows for the water fairies to swoop under.
Sprinkling their gleaming gold,
So humans can see the reflecting element of depth.
The power of glimmering silver wings over the bubbling beck.

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Tony Taylor

Wow!! AMY!!.... fantastic imagery here.... produced by beautifully crafted phrases that allow the entirety of the piece to shimmer & shine as your lovely intent is brought so poetically to life!!.....a great début piece dear poet sister!!......ALL STARS!!... well done.....and..... WELCOME to COSMO!!..... LOVE & ROCKETS!!.....T xo 👍👍✴😊

Amy Lawson

Thank you very much! You're comments are so kind Tony! Hopefully, they'll be plenty more to come! Xo

John Astley

A lovely short poem full of imagery I enjoyed it very much.