Poem -



Standing here looking at my body
I cant believe what I see am I
Dreaming come on wake up
I see my body laying there
And all the people running in
And love ones crying what is
Happening JUST !!! then I feel
a Light behind me I turn around
to see a stairs going up come on
wake up wake up from this dream
I look back and see tham putting
Sheets over me what come on wake
Up from this dream then thay wheel 
Me in to another room then the light get
stronger and more warmer and the force
to go to it is stronger I look back and they 
put my body in fire oh no it cant be come
On wake up from this dream I turn round
and look at the stairs oh no I am dead
help wake up from this dream but is not dream
I start walking up the stairs to the light each
Step I take I see my life good or bad in
tears and laughter then I got to the end
I see some one he say welcome I am
your spiritual being I will show you your life
He say we here to show you what your life
was   like good or bad we will not
Judge you on it there is no hell and  after he
He is done leaving me in the dark
but then the door open and light appears
but look down the stairs and see a world I just left
I look at the door and the light and go to it
walking down the hall to the light it gets biggger
And at the end I see some one and she  say
welcome home the light is not bright I can see
Where I am I feel great no pain I feel happy
as I look out I see sunshine flowers ever where
And I see people I know I am home at last
thank you God

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Greg...I don't know if this is just a dream or if it turns out he died and enters Heaven with a spiritual being showing him his past and present and the ropes of Heaven, but it sounds so nice not to worry and be at peace.  What inspired you to write this one?  I enjoyed. xo ;)

Greg Etsell

good morning I don't know what inspired me to write
it just came to in one day I guess could be the videos
that I watched in the last 6 mouths I believe in what I watch
and this poem tells  what happens  when you die but
I made up what happens after you meet the spiritual being
I don't know what happens after you meet them I hope its all good after that
thank you for reading p.s I never want write something this befor bed time
not good night sleep but I will sleep better tonight

Tony Taylor

Hey GREG!!..... wow!!...... this sounds exactly like the descriptions that people who have 'Near Death Experiences' purport to have...... I'm serious...... almost identical to your words are the descriptions that people who have died and come back describe!!.... you REALLY should Google it...... you'll be surprised...... anyway, this HAD to be an amazing dream......thanx so much for sharing it poetically....... ALL STARS!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧❤

Greg Etsell

thank you tony I have know people who had died and came back
one lady that worked at the store I worked with died and came back
soi  ask her what was like all she said was could see brigt light nothing more
couldn't hear anything and she was dead 5 min and they brought back
and she come back to work that was 30 years ago I belived in it then
and still do today