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With the sanctity of ignorance
Flocks follow the wolf
With truth caged
The masses flow
With allegiance to whims
People praise their foes

One day it will be remembered
As a turning point
Brought about by spin
A footnote of incredulity
A masked attack on democracy
A faithful adherence to overkill

Democracy has its foibles
Its idiosyncrasies
It can mount the stage and then flee
Taking not just liberty
But fraternity
All the while gaining infamy
Despite doing nought for you or me

We praise nostalgia
We want only change that is none
We need the like button of eternity
To wrap us in plastic vanity
We prostrate to love
That is naked insularity
Yet we make friends
That follow meekly

Shout that the champion has arrived
Bellow that the steed of hope has entered with joy
Announce that kindness is free to loot our misery
And Make us understand conformity
Say nil that will smother our illicit fantasy

What use is it now we have happy clown to praise
A bit late when we bit the hand that took all away
Only if you wondered aloud when u saw the flames
If your countenance is a member of the debating crew

It is given a name
This mess that now has come home to roost
This tangle that untangles like glue
This trap that took what we brazenly knew
While we sailed the ark two by two

What side you cling to matters not
What hopes for dominance you may have
Withers as the drought of uncertainty fills the land
What crises you feel will come
May reveal a future that always made you glum
Speak for whom the bell tolls
The winner you know you will always scold


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