Poem -


the year we all felt still.


The year 2020, there were events of plenty.

A time when the world fell still, and empty.

A cough, a sneeze, a sense of unease.

Homes were full, while the Earth did breathe.

They told us to stay, so stay we did.

The tires were burning, the unmerciful skid.

The fragile locked away, while the young were restless.

People did pray, while people lay breathless.

The air did clear, as media spread fear.

People grew lonely, was the end coming near?

The fear took over, and minds it did fill.

A time of unknown, when our world stood still.

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Gerard McGowan

It's a scary world Luke, a place we thought was home, I felt safe before this, not anymore.

Excellent awareness poem Luke, it's good to hear from another Irish Poet, take it easy.

Luke Taylor

We will persevere!Β 
Thank you Gerard! ❀️