Poem -

Street Beat #1

Street Beat #1

Give me the rhythm, 
Give me the rhyme, 
Give me the beat 
That measures distance and time. 

Give me the soul 
Give me the music within, 
Give me the sounds of the city 
Let me hear it again and again and again. 

Give me the noise 
give me the sounds of the city 
Give me that rhythm 
Just give me that street beat! 

give me the poet's heat 
give me the musicians sound, 
give me the life of the city 
Not to be set apart. 

Give me rhythm, 
Give me ryhme, 
Give me the beat 
That sound measuring distance and time 
Just give me the beat, 
The heartbeat of the streets. 

(C) 2003 K.C.Colt

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