Poem -



The sun is shining ,the birds are chirping,
Every one is happy, and all are agreeing,
That the beach is a sea of colourful brollies,
Everyone sweltering and eating their ice lollies ,

The children frolicking in the clear blue sea ,
Laughing and splashing without any fear,
Theres seagulls flying over head,
Being a nuisance trying to get fed .

The colorfull costumes in all different sizes,
Look wonderful on the towels of many disguises,
The children with their bucket and spades,
Building castles ,and other blockades. 

Looking for shells and lollipop sticks,
To make their sand castles look very chic
The deck chairs are littered around the beach,
It's funny watching people trying to teach,
Each other, on how to erect them right .

You have the jet skis out on the clear blue sea,
whizzing across that beautiful sea breeze,
Its getting cloudy now ,and people are going.
They all think the rain is coming.

So let's pack up and be on our way,
After a really lovely fun packed day,


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