Poem -

Super Zero

Super Zero

“Just like a Superhero movie,
..Without a superhero”
From the ashes of curopted masses.
Layered with iron skies
And .., Oddly versatile alibis..

Where Once lied expectation overdrive.
Briefly stood pride,..
Shadowed by lies.
Covered in black, with pretty tie.

Everybody is two people.
The person there trying to be ..
..and the person they are.
And just like me...
I don’t know which one is better,
Can’t decide.

why aren’t we on the other side?
Seams unfair to ask questions about    What side of a sphere is better...
So we don’t ask...
We just play ball.

And just like a great movie about normal life in hollywood.
It’s always the same. Nothing changes 
No one can make it. 
     So They all fake it.

An action movie, with the real deal hero,
always seems to have a prequel, or a sequel and still involves destruction,
And some sort of shame to the maker.

There’s no end my friend..
I think our kids got the idea ..
Seams there shows mostly prove
Kindness and  benignity 

Ironic eh..?
we expect our kids to be the superhero’s.

Plant them in front of cartoon characters,
Saving the world with imaginary powers, and solving magic puzzles ..In the midst of pain and destruction 

As soon as there old enough to know the value of a million...
There  (Inadvertently) taught how to be the villain.

New age inducted,
Change in seduction.
Instead of shame of corruption,
It’s blame in construction.

Why are we addicted to destroying 
Our home and health.
Corrosive colas. Toxic inhalants

Then deposit the waste in the woods and water of the planet.
 To get what you want you might have sacrifice something you need.

To get what you need you might have to sacrifice blood.

We have to start with us ...
Not wait for the next ones to grow up.
and not live by the insanity we encounter daily.
And the debt we accumulate on regular basis.