Poem -

Tears of glass and longing

Tears of glass and longing

These tears I cry
Are made out of glass
They fall on down my cheek
and shatters to the ground 

I have to be honest with my self
As these tears fall and break
I know now I am not ok 
I am just still as broken as I used to be

Yes I am stronger 
But just because I am stronger 
It does not mean that I am not still in pain
I am still in pain

I want someone to hold me 
To tell me I am not alone
To love me 
I am ready for love

I already love myself 
I want something more
I want to share that love with someone
I want that future and happiness

But I guess its not meant to be
It just ends up the same
I am sorry to my exes
I couldn't be what you wanted me to be 

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