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Teenage troubles

Teenage troubles

Teenage woes
Teenage pressure is all around
the drink and the drugs cost a few pound
proving my strength just to say no
could mean the loss of a friend or a bro.

the pressures of school all through life
to get the grades to support a wife
it is a battle with authority
there are times it can feel like a labotomy
there’s  no stopping when they stress you out
they test your mental capacity not to scream and shout.

some friends are there when you need them the most
some friends just use you for a party they cant host
because of this not all teens thrive
through the stress that they deal with through their teenage life .

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I'm 15 and can totally agree that teenage life is stressful... especially if you stick to your values and have high anxiety so when they make fun of you for sticking to your values you cry and get upset leading to them making fun of you more causing more anxiety to form PTSD which creates more anxiety from more bulling... Downward spiral of being a teen. Fun, right?

Also, welcome to cosmo.