Poem -

thank you

Sitting wasting time wondering what to do,
Counting down the hours till I get to see you.
Then I suddenly remember happiness is my choice
Time to stop listening to the ticking clocks voice
Yes I can love you. but I also love me too
Now I'm spending my days doing what I want to do.
I'm not waiting for you to return home,
I'm not going to sit staring at my phone,
I'm going to keep busy doing what I love
finding the inspiration form the powers up above.
Love can sometimes suffocate you forget who you are
But it can also encourage you and together you'll go far.
I never really realised how beautiful love could be,
Until the day I met you and you accepted me.
Instead of sitting waiting and missing you all day
I am going to enjoy the moments that come my way.
we can be together and silently we sit,
But no doubt about it, my soul you have relit.
my gift to you isn't material instead its really rare.
I am giving you my heart to show you that I care.
for me I need my space but also company
you understand, and accept the different sides of me
for this I am grateful and in eternal bliss
while I'm keeping busy, I'm sending you a kiss.Β 
Thank you for you patience your understanding and time,
Thank you for building a life that's yours and mine.
Thank you for being there when I'm in a mood.
For always knowing what I need wheather its watering or food.
In you I've found my equal, a myth I always said,
I am forever peaceful in your arms in bed.


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Thank you very much on both accounts, I must admit I stumbled acorss this by accident and am very happy I did.Β