Poem -

That Extra Mile❤️

Never surpress your emotions
Its right to lend somebody’s ear
It isn’t healthy for anyone
To bottle up feelings I fear

Be it a friend or a loved one
Theres always someone for you
But be strong & confide, don’t hide till it haunts 
Please don’t do  this whatever you do

‘It is good to talk’ 
This saying is true
Especially when down, 
Depressed & blue
A listener will ease
&  Comfort things thru

Too many of us do suffer
In solitude without speaking out
If only they had 
Have plucked up the courage
To say what their troubles about

Worst case senario
Is suicidal thought
So we need to be well aware
These poor souls are so full of fraught
Reaching out for our attention & care

Lets make it our business
Be so self-observant
Whilst going that extra mile
Caring for others
It all will be worth it
To see sadness change into a smile


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