Poem -

That Reflection ?

That Reflection ?

That reflection looking back at me
A reminisce of my dear Mother ?
Crikey Moses who can this be ?
It must be myself, cannot be no other

Interwoven furrows of eventide
Cursing crevasses of curiousty
Forcing unforeseen silences of
Under-my-breath verbosity

In dastardly denial
I twist my selfhood, turning away
Refraining from this candid cheval glass
In disbelief at the current come what may

Alas agelessness is an undeniable absurd
Never succumb to anti-aging creams
They are simply a dupe,
Do not swallow a word

Comprehend the passageway of life
Grow graciously on one’s overdrive
Whilst your youthfulness is bygone
‘Golden years’, is an honor to be alive


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Jill Tait

Thankx luv glad you enjoyed xx❤️