Poem -

The ancient oak tree

The ancient oak tree

Beneath the covered canvas of the ancient oak tree
multitudes of miniatures creep secretly
A safe haven of sheer pure delight
Camouflaged from predators,
hidden out of sight

Crawling, clinging, climbing wild & free
Dwelling in Mother natures
old relic of beauty
There in the shade from the sizzling sun
Spider’s silky webs are spun
Dangling silhoutes glistening gold
Silvery latticed patterns unfold

Woodpecker on a mission 
knocks his echoey tap 
Injures the bark flowing thick, resin sap
Running thru the branches, oozed amber waxes & wains
This mighty oak bleeds brown blood in it’s veins

Soft feathery nests secured steadfast
Fledglings have flown
Springtime has past
Seasons surge on 
ne’er standing still
Winter’s wrath,  arctic icy chill

Insects, arachnids, mimiscule, minute
Thriving amidst oak’s foliage parachute
Varieties of birds nestling happily
Sharing oaks’s twisting boughs
with the industrious honey bee
Wondrous morning dawn chorus of twittering song
The gigantic, glorious oak immmortality, evermore lifelong


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Jill Tait

Thank you kindly, I adore Oak’s ❤️

Cherie Leigh

Cheers to the giant Oak tree in all her beauty and respite she gives to nature.  I love the imagery of the woodpecker.  Lovely nature write, Jill.  I enjoyed. xo  

Jill Tait

Aww Thanks so much luv me too I adore the mighty Oak ❤️


very descriptive ! very well written xx :)

Jill Tait

Thanking you kindly :) I love oaks :)