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Wouldn't be famous if it wasn't for me
For I made the Beatles their cups of tea
After each show I would always be thereĀ 
My teas legendary nothing could compareĀ 

Ringo I recall had his tea with extra creamĀ 
My tea he said was the ultimate dreamĀ 
John liked his tea so very hot and sweetĀ 
Three sugars would make his tea completeĀ 

George had his black and always in a mugĀ 
Always said thank you and gave me a hugĀ 
Paul never had tea he despised the tasteĀ 
Also said that it was bad for his waist

Nothing beat this job for certain and sure
Tea service for the Beatles couldn't ask for more

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Audrey youde

I always wondered why I preferred black tea ,but I quickly found the reason why,Ā 
my heartthrob was the one I blame ,the one and only Mr George Harrison was he