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The Bod Āt Oxford

The Bod Āt Oxford

In the atrium
Of the Bodleian Library at Oxford
I spied a woman bathing in a most sensual light
A white, porcelain, sculpture
Frozen perfectly in time
And reminiscent of a Botticelli
A vision come to life
And as my imagination
Began to take me away
I considered, I heard her whisper
But somehow revealed, not a thing
My mind danced with the potential
Possibilities manifesting someday
I saw myself bathing her in bubbles
And Lilacs sensual scents
While decoding her natural features
I felt the yearning of so many eyes
Who found themselves just as mesmerized
Drawn to her radiance
Where I become overly protective of her
To the point of child-like jealousy
For never had I felt the coolness
Of marbled features upon my skin
And the way,
The light,
Held her there...

Tony Taylor




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Cherie Sumner

Very beautiful Tony!  Art can touch our hearts in ways that are surprising....moved by the grace and movement of a statue's portrayal of beauty.....all senses acute in it capture...I like how you portray the observer as almost possessive and jealous of others around taking in the same beauty he is witnessing in this statue at Oxford....as if the statue was made just for him to enjoy....emotions alert to what the porcelain makes him FEEL....Any artform that does that is created by a genius...Art inspires....Beautiful narration of such an experience....You keep getting better and better in your own artform....Love it.  xoxxxx Kisses C 

Nancy Mcgowin

Wowza, Wowza, this is art, and romance in a new mode, very sensual, and intriguing, my dear Tony!

Loved it!!!!

Best Wishes,


Tony Taylor

Hey thanx NANCY!!......so good to hear from you......I appreciate the positive feedback VERY much......especially coming from an artist such as yourself!!........BIG Smiles........thanx again my friend!!........LOVE and ROCKETS!!........T xo  😉✳✴♥☀😎

Richard Waters

Deep, sensual, innovative work displaying your breadth of creativity ! Your attention to detail and your attachment to the subject matter leads to a fulfilling read !!

Keep up the great work.

Wishing you the very best as always. Take care.


John Astley

A lovely peice Tony,I felt I was there.


Tony Taylor

Hey Thanx JOHN!!..... sorry it took a few to reply........ playing music....... appreciate the positive feedback brother poet..........thanx again for stopping by........ your cyber-friend and admirer.......T xo. 😉✳✴☀

Deborah Evans

Hi  Tony So beautiful is your imagery You capture 
the piece  of art magnificently and sensually   
you are a true artist of words 
Great write pinned this one my friend 
Love n hugs Debs xo

Tony Taylor

Yay!! Cool~ thanx for the PIN DEBS!!....... always a pleasure just knowing that you're out there .........Love hearing from you my friend!!.......... hugs-n-smiles .......T xo  😉✳✴☀☀

Rose Sho

Hey Tony...This is lovely...your imagery is our of this world...You made feel as if "she" was a living being...Well done!