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THE CATCHING AWAY (I Thessalonians 4:17)

THE CATCHING AWAY (I Thessalonians 4:17)

I see the luster on high!  The Doors of Heaven open!  Halleluyah! 

Sparks flash to embrace the curves 
Of Heaven and garment the moon! 
Earthly habitation is cast off as rewards 
Are scattered and abundantly strewn;
By the hand of the Mighty One who waits 
To greet every obedient child; 
His welcome?  “Well done my beloved servant, 
I see you were not beguiled 
By that ‚Äėole serpent and his demons¬†
Seeds of enmity and discord all! 
No, he was unable to persuade and entice 
You to imitate his ignoble fall! 
I come to be glorified in my Saints! 
Let the final roar of the shophar sound! 
My manifested truth will be in those 
In whom the "I AM" is found! 
You shall find your rest in MY SHALOM 
And abiding happiness so divine. 
Beloved, the time is now, look up! 
See how bright the Day Star shines?! 
The Bride comes to her place 
Ready to celebrate this day of days 
In the Holy City, New Jerusalem 
She has arrived for her Eternal stay! 
Think not that the work is over 
There is much to see and do. 
You shall judge the angels; your salvation 
They curiously wish to view! 
My LOVE is long, you’ve run the distance 
And faithfully kept the pace. 
Now come to me, sit here my child,  
We shall commune Face to Face!!! 

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Kei Kei

Still good at it I see Val. 5$tars. ūüėé

Valerie Beasley...

Hi Kei Kei!   Thank you so much.  God is good all the time!