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The Changed Children

The Changed Children

Looking thru the eyes of a child is a challenge I adore, surely it can’t be that difficult coz I have been there before.. yet those childhood years of mine were Oh so long ago, back in the days of old almost six decades ago I know, when life ticked along old fashionedly, kids used to play out in the street with their elder sister’s clothes on, clip clopping in their tiny feet

There was nothing nicer than wearing Mother’s high heel shoes, my Mam only had one pair so there wasn’t any to choose.. but I used to pinch my sisters when she wasn’t around, tho I tried my best not to scuff them on the hard, stoney ground.. Haha hasn’t a child’s life changed with the online media taking over making matters deranged..well I say deranged because it rhymed with my verse but in truthfulness online media can be a abit of a curse.. nothing is sacred anymore, everybody knows everyone’s business without even walking out their front door

Mind you children don’t know no better, it’s simply the way that things are, born into an age of technology, for them nothing is bizzare.. as they sit lost in their bubbles staring at the gadgets in the hand, trawling thru the internet on their little finger’s command.. talking to their friends miles away on twitter, facebook and whatapp without moving a muscle with their tablet on their lap..they are born in different times with new age machinery, never playing outside like I did, I wonder do they appreciate the scenery?

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Katina Woodruff...

How true Jill.

Technology has become the corner stone of our lives in some fashion. I don't know what I would do without it. I'm all for technology as it helps bridge the gap of communication for many people. Children can snap a photo of person trying to harm them, or they can call 911. They can also send IM's from their phone, in the event of danger.

I definitely see what you mean though, to take a hike in a natural wildlife area, to ride a bike with your parents, or to be at a swimming pool over summer, verses just sitting behind the square screen all day, playing video games or talking online.

It’s all a balancing act I think for parents to watch for signs of addiction to gaming and other issues. But all and all I think our technology will advance us in the near future, in a lot of new and creative ways. I wish I could get a robot to help me clean the house, that would be okay with me. Enjoy your day to Jill. I hope you ran a few miles.

Great job Jill. 

Jill Tait

Awww luv I walked 4 but lol never run, I’m not THAT keen lol but hey I also adore technology and if u find that house cleaning Rob let me know lol ❤️❤️❤️