Poem -

The Cycle of Life..

The Cycle of Life..

We are born unknowingly,
Of what is to come.
As our eyes open,
The world & faces become our playground.
As we evolve & grow,
The truth of human survival unfolds.
Heart aches & heartbreaks,
First & last loves.
The cycle continues,
when you connect with your inner self.
Shedding layers of my former being,
A light switches on,
A new found energy begins.
Hands raised to the sun,
The universe speaks to me in cosmic ancient tongues.
An old soul,
With childlike eyes,
Feeling the new world,
Through positive vibes.
I'm ready for divine love,
An infinite flame.
A solar & lunar combination,
Hot & the cold,
Both the sun & the rain.
Aura mood sensations with an effervescent glow.
Touching the invisible,
I am invincible,
Spiritually speaking,
My higherself will keep on reaching,
New levels of subconscious teaching,
The cycle of life is never ending.....

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Silent Dreamer

A very deep and beautifully insightful piece! πŸ‘πŸ½

Georgia Elliott

Hi Silent Dreamer,

Thank you for the kind words.
May you have a beautiful & positive day...