Poem -

The dragon oathe

The dragon oathe

The new dawns the new days from a fuller aparaition then a mirage lost to sands flips of pressures and times
       The dark was always the sight inside
Rooted so only those worthy can unground and positive feed all the color and inner light
     A true day dream when we close our eyes not a funnel of Astro projects dragging the metabolic vocals centered masses and agreed fully optic
       A new passion or new fear mythological
Is back as the Vision dives to rise then clear
   There’s dragons in the sky
for now only a glimpse until man meets true repent and the inner dragon ignites with them
           neurological mount of a dragon up high
As the climates change and the inner sky is lit let these messenger of space be as they network and protect
      Our walk to avatar a star jumper Vision quest
Born Of flight thru the mightiest eyes when shown respect
            We are the grail this miracle protects
A second chance to make amends
before they were broke down into Jurassic
      And ridden
       Hunted to extinction was the assumed
Status of the illite but bigger flocks were always on the search for lights once beaconed since been lost
       Immortal they are in there maturity when left without mount to see and breathe there full scales
           A broken will was the lead so fire a red tail spun until the dragons projection could light the new world order sunconciuos dives breaking bricks placed ritualistically
     A angled cosmic possession of the sacred geomitry lost to a back side rider of a shadow to pale chemically glued sky swipers
          Like the inside joke with the return of a planet opposite the common horizon so planet nine held Alice the mother omega of all dragons and rabbit hole climb in of all thumps until crackins
                Predicted the red will come and take all but that was the predecessor to raise and blow yellow stone
y2k the Neural net was the true unsuspected fall of a ghostly projection now weigh line energy grounded where the afterlife seed cellular memory plays at night
           See it was a data stream before that nature was mined enough the inner planets core temp went from oils to Mariana Trench then lit now constant magma Greek fire silver lined
       The fallen are truth in hiding
but there no more true then the bound who are now rising
            We are the keepers of existence when we master and take back the alter of our inner
Most needs then reseed the wants we seek
      Wise leaks from the 3gland high ground
An unhindered 4th dimensional arc of artistic
   Vision combined to glide and ride the skies
We are watching those of u Khem trailing atmospherically a gathering of alchemy
Denied the light of life so steeling the worship
   Of brighter minds mentally spied until drained from genetically inclined break ins while we spore the dark room on the other side  dreaming dark so truly naked
    The manger where we immaculate visions breaks and revise all that’s broken until we rise never die forever fly never cry
              Keepers of the virtue and where that inner mind meets that inner patience until chemically accending from the hollowed depths of the bodies soul to catch our entries
           This old but found now unshackled and unbridled new blend of truth is no longer secret but will forever remain sacred
     If u see the dragon have no fear they are mankind’s hope and sense all that’s broke as they protect the unsuspecting or hope lost to the depths now a rising float
            Look but never hunt never touch
We are angels of the coven arc and they are family so respect these changes of visual
       Animalistic representation and u might
Find a new member of trust to accept and mend your rightfully place intended after lost to a language barrier methodically matched
      Now data’s rising and aligning the star children with an open mind to Star seed each  for your shock ra dragon drop ins from a positive ungrounded open sky closer reach

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al Bikaadi

Yes indeed, "mythological is back" ;) ... perhaps you will appreciate my poem: I Bet Remote Too