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The dreaded December 1st 🤣

The dreaded December 1st 🤣

In amidst the cobwebs, there will be spiders up in there.. is my cuppyhole that is our attic, you have to climb up on a chair.. My husband only goes up once a year, it isn’t easy to get in.. because the  hatch is just a  small hole so it helps if one is thin..

Well I am not as slim as him so I let him have this task.. so when I need my Christmas tree out, all I have to do is ask..I can’t display a real tree coz of my allergic reaction.. so an artificial Norwegian tree has to surfice my satisfaction..

Well I’ve had this very tree for as long as I can remember & I dress it up with decorations every year on the 1st of December! Tho Christmas is in my thoughts, there’s loads of festive things everywhere.. in all the high street shops, it’s impossible to be unaware..

I’ll be a trifle nervous this year when I help get the Christmas boxes from my spouse.. coz I thought I heard a scuffling up above, we might have a little mouse! Well one I can cope with living in my rooftop space.. but imagine if he has his entire family up there snug & cozy in that place..


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