Poem -

The End.

Caught the midnight ghost train.
It journeys through ghostly terrain.
All aboard is empty.
Frights there is plenty.
The train drivers name is Casey Bones.
When he was alive they called him Casey Jones.
I take a seat at the back.
Outside dark on this scary track.
Ghostly noises penetrate my ears.
A chilled breeze to me nears.
I feel a hand upon my head.
It is the hand of the ticket collector who is coldly dead.
I look but see nothing.
But this hand me keeps touching.
I show my newly purchased ticket.
A voice says, please next stop get off because this train is wicked.
I say, no I’m going to the journeys end.
The voice says, against this evil you can not defend.
But his request i ignore.
A gargoyle face looks at me through the carriage door.
At me it does hiss and does rudely swear.
On its body no skin it does wear.
Casey Bones does drive the train real fast.
The gargoyle voice shouts soon your living life will not last.
Next thing i know the midnight ghost train has crashed.
And my dead body lies bloodily bashed.
Now I’m a regular passenger on the midnight ghost train.
Outside on this ghostly track dark and does miserably rain.


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