Poem -

The Era of Enlightenment

It’s time to love
It’s time to act 
It’s time to do God’s work,
With faith in tact. 

The atmosphere is dark 
End times are near.
Turn off your devices and put down your beer. 
Please open your eyes to see and your ears to hear.  

Climate change, politics, money -
Only a distraction.
A tick the box society with no satisfaction. 

It is written in the Bible 
All will be revealed.  
On Judgement day, God says there will be nothing to conceal.
The war is won. 
This is the world that Jesus overcame
Put down your sins 
We are overcomers of the same. 

It’s hidden in plain sight. 
The devil is in the detail.
His intention is ill,
He exalts himself against God Your soul he wants to kill.
Adultery, vanity, lies and deceit  
At the right hand of God, you’ll be without a seat.

You’re in a burning building,  
Smouldering, a ticking time bomb.
Turn back to God and He will take you home.
Home to Heaven where there is nothing bad, 
No pain or suffering, no sinful clad.

It’s simple, give your will to God.
Ask for your life back
He will be more than glad. 
He offers you treasures in Heaven,
A promise of eternal life.  
A life with no deficit, trouble nor strife.    


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