Poem -


She spoke to me through her rose bouquet
Without wings she began to say
I’m watching over you every day
I still care and love you, though I went away
I know you miss me and need me more than ever
I’m still here just I’m not the same
And then she left me a feather
But she didn’t fly as she had no wings
And from then on it wasn’t the same
I felt free as if no chains
But then the weight of life returned
And my heart sunk as my thoughts burned
Was it really her, by my side?
Why couldn’t I see her, why did she hide?
Where did she go
How did she get here?
I didn’t understand
Why couldn’t she stay and hold my hand
Reassure me it’s going to be fine?
Remove my fear
Put the past behind
And give me a clue of my future
If she didn’t have a message for me
Why did she come?
Who sent her and how did she know how much I missed her?
And where now is her home?
What does she do all day?
How did she say what she wanted to say?
I heard no words outside my head
I felt nothing physical, like I said
I didn’t see her just smelled the roses
As one door opens, the other closes
I try to disguise my emotions
But my thoughts expose, the true me
I open my eyes to see
But I don’t want to look what’s in front of me
I have to learn to turn away
And hope she follows me again some day
But next time stay a bit longer
I need that sweet smell to linger
As I have so much to say
And I wonder
Is she  waiting for her wings?
Does the choir have to sing?
Does she have to learn some lessons?
And then with wings she gets her blessings
But if she is able to fly away
Does she go forever?
In the meanwhile, I shall treasure this feather

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Dean Kuch

This melancholy musing reminded me of that scene in the Tom Hanks film, Forrest Gump, where at the end Jenny sent a feather drifting down to Forrest from Heaven. It was a sign to him and her son that she was still watching over them.
Al least that's what I interpreted it to mean.
It may have only been a feather.
~Dean ♥❤️♥