Poem -

The Flow

The Flow

Do you believe in the flow?
That cosmic seeds of hope can be sown? 
That though you have grown you may still be disowned for the lack of respect and disdain you have shown? 
And for all the chances you've blown? 
Now and forever I have always believed that our long held desire for achieving world peace could yet still be a potentially attainable dream.
A metaphysical conundrum barely perceived let alone yet created and consequently believed.
The equivalent challenge of curing an incurable disease.
For now we can breathe in precious fresh air from the breeze, one of few things left abundant, sacred and free.
And of course have faith in our cosmos and its primordial sea.
Magic happens as soon you will see that as this ongoing journey continues it may be all what we need. 



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al Bikaadi

Somehow, quite relevant to where I'm at today. Thanks for sharing

Greg D

Glad to hear that it resonated on some level with you and thanks for making the effort to read/comment.