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The greed of a king...

The greed of a king...

On horseback dressed in riches laid a king, he was bestowed to his people and held the iron chalice,
His posture like a chapel, strength in structure for a purpose, riding in the wind, a sight so gallant,
He brought forth, daylight to his kingdom, servants would be fed at his table,
Fires would be roaring, head of his empire, a queens heart he would cradle.

He had this voice inside, he yearned for power and control,
No matter the consequences he wanted to prevail on his own,
The devil lured out his demons, he started to live fearless, with a heart of stone,
His queen needed him and the castle to be her home, but his shoulders were so cold.

A time came for war, he had a thirsty appetite for the blood shed,
The sun rose, but for the victory his greed desired, it poured vallient red,
Land to land he wanted to possess, the more he gained, he slaughtered flesh,
More and more he tortured castles, his greedy laughter was his dying breath.

As he lay coughing and sweating with eyes of greed,
His conquering days were nearly over, as he struggled to breathe,
He should have loved his own, lived a life with his darling queen,
Now this beautiful lady rules her land without greed, living free...

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Wayne...He was a very selfish greedy king and karma caught up with him....Great narrative...xo ;)

Wayne Stubbs

He was indeed haha, maybe the queen will rule her empire a lot better, which I'm sure she will, or will she?? Haha thanks Cherie β˜ΊπŸ’–