Poem -


The house surrounded by hills
A pathway of golden daffodils
Weeping willows
Framed the wooden windows
Old oaks with bent branches
Gave shade to rickety benches
A place to wrest
To watch the doves
It was the best
A house i loved
A trickling stream
A perfect dream
The honeysuckle
A tap that trickled
The house I visited
My bedroom was beautiful
Country roses
Polished wood floor
Carved butterflies
Around the door
A log fires
In the sitting room
Freshly cooked bread and scones from the kitchen
On my lap I would sit with the newest kitten
By night I would look at the stars
And the silver moon
So clear
Nothing in the way
And oh, the sun
On fine days
Beautiful blooms
I can’t remember
 A dark damp November
But pure icy nights
And spring hours that went by
A beautiful sky
With marshmallow clouds
And smells so sweet
Horses trotted past
In the cobbled street
A river ran fast
And fish they did jump
Ducklings so plump
And frogs on Lilly pads
Nothing at this house could have made me sad

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A Lonely Journey

Oh my gosh, Fiona, that was absolutely wonderful! 
What great writing. When you write something and the reader feels like they're there, and can actually sense all of the feelings, and see all of the things, in detail, that you have seen, you know it's a beautiful piece of writing, and that truly is. 
Awesome, Fiona, honestly. 


Fiona Cummings

Oh you are so kind. I am blind so i try to paint a picture with words! I so appreciate your comment x