Poem -

The Hurtin’ Heartbroken


The Hurtin’ Heartbroken

I could holdon all day just waiting for you
with my mixed up emotions that’s making me blue
yet do you even care that I’m hanging around
As I stand in the rain on the soaking wet ground
But the last time I saw you was yesterday 
When we both said some words that we should never say
Yet as I lay in bed with this reminisce
How I needed to hold you and not feel like this

Chorus *

So I will waste my time just waiting for you
and if you come around that corner
looking so sad and blue
Then I’ll put my arms around you
with those words unspoken
We will say goodbye to the hurtin’ heartbroken

It was so long ago but I can still remember
On a riverside walk in late September
We both bumped into each other 
It was a moment a fate
I got you tongue-tied when you got in a state
But you had your dog and I had mine
they both got in a tangle when their leads entwined
So it was the two of them that brought us together
Cupid shot his bow and arrow in that dog lead tether

Chorus *

Well I’ve waited a while and I’m soaked to the skin
On this corner of the street with my worries within
I thought you would turn up and put away your pride
My feelings for you I could never hide
So I guess it is time for me to go
I will keep coming back until you show
This is our place that we always meet
Outside a little cafe on the corner of this street

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Being Me

I enjoyed reading this. Have you written the music to go with this as well? 

Jill Tait

I sing my songs but alas cant play an instrument or writs music :( but do have my tunes in my head to 40 something totally different songs love ❤️❤️❤️