Poem -

The lull before the storm ?

I have heard the forecast after last nights news and storm Ciara keeps coming up on my Facebook views
But as lie in my bed with my phone in my hand tapping these letters at my command
Is this the lull before the storm ?
Is Ciara on her way ?
Will she make herself known before the end of the day ?
Tho I listen for the wind only silence I hear 
Maybe’s she’s waiting for Mother nature’s orders
Is she looming near ?
“Batten down your hatches” is what I heard 
But could they be wrong ?
Are they talking absurd ?

Well storm Ciara sounded awful
full of anger and rage
winds up to eighty miles per hour
she would cause rampage
Mind you have they got the weather wrong ?
Storm Ciara could have fizzled out or passed along
So as I lie here in silence and solitude
What will I do today ?
It depends on Mother nature’s mood
It is an early Saturday morning 
and the skies are grey
so they may well be right
Ciara could be on her way

Well I will get out of my bed as soon as this ditty is done
I need my shower and my sleepiness gone
Wow you won’t believe it
I think Ciara is coming
The winds just got up a bit
I can hear her humming
Oh dear the weatherman has been right
We are in for a pounding with a ponderous plight
Alas I won’t go for my walk today
I will stay inside
I am keeping the hell out of Ciara’s way
I am gonna hide !!

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Greg Etsell

great poem I know frist hand
of storms like this I have been
in many of them in my life
we just had storm with rain 
and wind over night 2 nights
ago 60 mil hr winds lot rain has well
a all nighter didn't get much sleep
so with your storm be careful 
ok Jill

Jill Tait

Awww yes its windy now but I’m just having a poetry day I think luv ❤️❤️❤️

Marion Price

I just love it when the' hurricanes' come...I'm finally going to dry some washing!😃😃😃🤩

Jill Tait

Teehee mmm u musta been a polar bear maybes in your past life teehee 🤣❤️❤️❤️