Poem -

The man in black

I close my eyes
As my mind silently cries
Because my allies left me
To my surprise

In the dark sea, I plummet
When they called off the summit
Like a domino
I fell with just one blow

The tide pulls me inΒ 
As if it knows my deadly sins
My mind spins
And the pain begins

Their boat sets sail
Leaving me cold and frail
But to my avail
A light showers meΒ 

Peace overcomes me
As I feel my mind release
"Is this my decease?"
And I see them

I lift my handΒ 
To say hello
But I am taken back
By aΒ man in black

"Let me go," I say
To my dismay
He doesn't obey
And I slip away

The ground shakes
My head aches
A man watches on
As I break

I fall on myΒ knees
As I begΒ "please"
A breeze blowsΒ 
And suddenly I am at ease

A strong wind
Blows me back
So I lift up the only sail I have left
This worn out white flag

He reaches for me
And though this would be
A nice gesture
The gales don't agree

I fall away
My mind yelling "May Day!"
Can I go back to yesterday?
Because I am in a state of disarray

He takes my hand, the man in black
He's the one who pulled me back
"Who are you?" I say, trying to unpack
"No one," he says while pushing me back on track


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