The Mask of Life

The Mask of Life

Life has given me
this mask that I wear
I hold her close to my face
and I recognize myself in her

When sad son
and thoughts torment the mind
I hide in her
from people's gaze

On the stage of life
I wear come actor
protecting me from whistles or applause
when I come on stage
in the spotlight

At nightfall
I put it on the bottom of the drawer
I close it and then I mirror myself
to observe my face, my wrinkles
and see me old again

I smile, I cry
and then I smile again
I take it out of the drawer
and then I wear it
... still like then...

It is not the mask
of falsehood and hypocrisy
but it is my true ego
whatever it is

Everyone has one
And he holds it close to himself every day
all its way
come in an eternal circle

On this huge stage
keeps it guarded
for this great show
staged from life

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Tony Taylor

Wow!! GIAMPIERO!!...what a wonderful and truly insightful piece of poetic prose you have delivered here...….It speaks so insightfully of the masks people wear each day.....all presented as a one man poetic though the author were truly an actor delivering these lines on stage.....for they most assuredly 'Ring True' when they are read aloud!!… excellent debut piece!!…...ALL STARS!! & PINNED!!…...well done dear poet brother!!…….and.....WELCOME to COSMO!!…….LOVE & ROCKETS!!…...T xo  : )

Greg Etsell

what a great poem 
it fits in todays world
what is going on today
but the mask people
put on is alway been
this way 

Pratibha Savani

This is a great piece of writing and metaphorically applies to us all today too. Brilliant. All stars!

Pratibha Savani

Congratulations in being one of the winners in the competition!! 😃

Richard Waters

When the " Mask " of reality slips, to leave souls susceptible to attack, how do you see yourself responding ? Beyond words. Would you do right by others ? As well as yourself. Let us be charitable, and, say any would. To, lift gloom and doom to make better of a " Bad Day At Black Rock " releasing spirit, to defeat hidden threats, revealed for all they are. And, nothing more.
For, the sake of health and happiness. Who does not want the best out of life. Nobody votes for torture, fraud, falsehoods or extinction. In, the open, policies must defeat selfishness and greed, previously making the weak and meek vulnerable. Who votes for better, now ?  :) 
WHAT DO YOU DESERVE ? Deliberating aging and disability as well as going " Down With The Sickness " when least expecting, it ! As though you ever do.
Take care. Composition deserving of credit. Thanks for sharing your work.


No words truely awesome .i wish i could write like you . 👏👏👏


This is another level of beauty and brilliance. You get lost easily within it. And very apt for the time where not only liars and charlatans wear invisible masks but the general public wear physical ones too!