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The musical Emerald Isle 🎻

The musical Emerald Isle 🎻

I wonder if Irish descendancy 
Is in my ancestry
It is very possible
But I do not know you see

Though my father was Northumbrian
I’ve lived there all my life
But he served in the Royal navy
He had a Liverpudlian wife

So she was only over the water
Of this green & emerald isle
Did she ever go to Ireland ?
Board a boat once in a while

This I do not know
Yet I know one thing for sure
I am drawn to Celtic origins
The haunting songs
Melodious & pure

I’ve always felt an Irish connection
This land is in the heart of me
So I’m guessing it must be in my blood
Impossible to set free

I adore the music & the dance
The rhythmic energy, so inviting
I simply cannot get enough of it
It’s lyrics & instruments are so exciting

Infact all my favourite artists
My chosen few, I Iove the best
They were born & raised in Ireland
So musically blessed



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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Jill...I am half Irish, and I too love the culture and country.  I wish I could visit the emerald isle someday.  I love the way you give a positive loving portrayal of Ireland.  I got married in September, and Tony and I used the old Celtic tradition "tying the knot" of a handfasting ceremony where our hands were bond together with a beautiful 6 foot long sash with his initials on one end and mine on the other end, coming together once tied...It was really a cool part of our ceremony.  Thanks for sharing.  xo ;) 

Jill Tait

Awww Thank you I luv this comment, how lovely your wedding sounded luv ❤️