Poem -

The Nature of the Beast

The Nature of the Beast

Swirling and swelling
from the forecaster’s foretelling
Rumbles of grumbles tumultuous turbulence tumbles
Such ferocious fierceness of frenzied flap
Cause constraint with compulsion
and murderous mishap
Blasts of blowiness from the minstral of monsoon
Creating catasrophic chaotic like a tornado typhoon

My daffodils are swaying so much they may break from Mother Nature’s tempestuous fate
Buds are not abloom in the wake of the Spring
horrendous harshness from winter’s zestfulness zing
Alas I fear yellow heads will be fracturing and falling
As the squalliness in this storm is awfully appalling

Isn’t it so typical the nature of the beast
Howling and yowling the winds from the east
Battering whilst clattering ranting and raving
Totally throwing a fit and misbehaving
Yet wintery weather will be out on it’s ear
in a few weeks or more Springtime shall be here


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Cherie Leigh

HI Jill....We cannot control the nature of the beast....It has been wacky weather here in North Carolina...with spring weather one day, snow yesterday, now sun again....threatening tornadoes coming through, and then gorgeous days after...We have seen it all.  It's certainly been a tumultuous winter.  I wonder what our spring will be like?  Hmm....Great analogy of this winter.  xo ;) Love n Hugs 

Jill Tait

Yes luv Roll on Springtime 💕❤️💕


I saw a taste of spring yesterday some chick a dees outside the front door
hurry up spring angel

Jill Tait

Awwww Chickadees how cute Angel ❤️❤️❤️