Poem -

The Ninth Element

The Ninth Element

There is     a divine dance in play,
and I am Gemini: the black bride,
waves of light  within each twin--
clothed without    in      rosy flesh

I am   here,  and I am there
but    only   GOD is    ONE,
until      we       are       one
well       polished       mirror

A      bridge          leads            inward,
through  a blood   that’s not  my own

My lesser double seeps   across a fiery lake;
it’s a knife edge   she   cannot    cross  alive,
unless        the   light               is              on!

The glow from the bridal chamber
expands      …      contracts       …
depending  where    the  eye turns
in       the   valley      of     decision

Part of me knows father blue
and    golden     child       too

A   rich  ochre   melts us into  one,
as   I become     a seed      drifting
through   the glory of   Vine Green

on    planet  Earth,
where  I was born

to die / give birth? 


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