Poem -

The Reason

The Reason

I write poetry is because
i can pour out my soul,and not worry about it
And I can relate to others as well I think like some
but not all ,I venture
Across the here and now,
Into maybe and then
Back to why and what for,
and finishing with how come ,only to be told that
I am going to happen
upon my seasons ,my time ,my reason, that I like to write poetry ,just because for no other reason ,than that.i love to 
Create new poetic 
Ideas, and turn them into a 
Poem ,I wrote like this one ,it has moxy backbone umph..

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Larry Ran

Dear Angel,

Poetry has no boundaries
Its creators of free mind
Although some is very similar
Most is different, one will find

Hugs, Peace and Love,
Larry xxx


Thanks for reading angel