Poem -

The Skeletal Song

The Skeletal Song

From flesh unbound
Hunting with highpitched voice
Resulting in a hellish screaming sound
Carrying crackling bones
Believed never to be found
Because it's all part of the same noise

At towering height
Like a shadow on the wall
Crawling at the day
The moment you shall fall
Coming to claim what's actually mine
Always seems fine
For thee are a puppet
Controlled by time

Risen from the grave
Buried within the rubble
Created for one reason
To extinguish a make believe and fantized bubble

Born from it's own ashes
To put lives at stake
Funny that at the end
It will be so easy to take

During the awakening sun...
Or during the sleeping moon
A song will start to play
Retrieving it's only true son
Vanishing the demon you might had become

Harvesting the hearts
To seek what's really lost
Filling all the gaps that were left behind
So at the end dead becomes a must

Because dead comes to us all
That always has been part of the plan
To think about the day you start walking the earth
To think about the night you truly became hurt

When life stood still
Just for a brief moment
When everything got understood
To stand back on top of the hill
and remembering that life is just a shortterm, short lived childhood



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