Poem -

The Strongest Girl I Ever Knew

Please give me some Advice to how to make it better!

Her life was troublesome,
As some may say.
A warrior she’s become,
But she is not okay.

We met in December,
A month full of snow.
Being ever so tender,
She whispered in my ear,
Something only we should know.

The words she had to endure,
And their cold hard stare.
Made her fight and mature,
Made her collapse in despair.

She had many fears,
Despite this she stood on her own.
Though nights were filled with tears,
She was positive about the unknown.

She never showed her weakness,
Or let you hear her cry.
Never complained about her meekness,
Wanting to be free and fly.

Being so strong she showed me,
Sometimes we all are in pain.
But always a fighter to fate we will be,
Yet it is not and never our place to complain.

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