Poem -

The Sun

Oh disc of yellow
Up there so far away
How do you do?

Disc of warmth
With heat so delightful
How say You?

You who treads the board 
On a cycle that starts
At dawn and ends at dusk
I Greet you 
Humbly we on this blue planet bow to you

Sharing your glow
Warming our hearts and minds
After winters drear
What would we do without you?

The seasons come and go 
Darkest depth of winter 
You are there
The thaw that greets the land in spring
You are present
The glow of summer accompanies you
And even the autumn's dew
How do you do what you do?

You constantly chase the night away 
Never to be but passing friends will be you two
The opening of the new day delights
As your beauty appears on the horizon so far away
On to another day 
Through out the passing of the clock
You til dusk does stay
I wonder if you could speak 
What you would say?

Some worship you 
I wish we all would do
Life would not exist as it is without you
Up so far away
Nothing gets in you way 
Not for long anyway

king of the day
Lord of the daily grind
He who always hold sway
I thank you
You lift our moods
You Grant us life 
In your daily play

One day when you go away
As your light dims then fades 
Then darkness
That day when we hope a new star would be born 
To replace you
I hope we will welcome a new you
And you will still want to warm our day

Off you go till a night has become day again
Over to Luna you pass your baton 
See you again
At days dawn


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Evrod Samuel

I actually wrote this poem sat on a bench in the park recently one night listening to 80s songs on youtube..

hope it lights you mood

I must say I wrote the opposite poem Luna in the same park one day in the summer .