Poem -

The Taxi Driver

The Taxi Driver

I'll give you a lift to heaven - double rate,
maybe a discount if we get to the pearly gate,
there may be a traffic jam at the crossroads to hell,
one other passenger - he had no head as well.

I need a return fare to stop wasting my time,
fortunately, St. Peter is a good friend of mine,
he said that he had a plane to catch at Heathrow,
I don't know why he bothered with us - too slow.

My bos​​​​​​s went to the States where everything was beige,
he changed the car colors because it was all the rage,
next day we all went to work wearing cream suits and ties,
in protest at his bureaucracy - we were just casual guys.

There was a change of plan - St. Peter said: 'Follow that car!'
which was heading for a blessing on a nearby star.


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Marion Price

Ha...love it, if only it were that simple 🌹